Year: 2022

Fijian Language week

Bula Vinaka bloggers

This years theme for Fijian language week is “Vakabulabulataki, vakamareqeti, ka vakaqaqacotaki na vosa vakaviti” Which means, “Nurture,Preserve and sustain the Fijian language”.

Every year on Fijian Language week I post Fijian things for the whole week. So today I’ll be teaching numbers up to 10! There’s a voice recording and a list with the words so that you can read it, hear it and try to pronounce them.

One – Dua

Two – Rua

Three – Tolu

Four – Va

Five – Lima

Six – Ono

Seven – Vitu

Eight – Walu

Nine – Ciwa

Ten –  Jini


plastic disposle

Hi bloggers

Yesterday we made a poster about recycling your rubbish or why you should put your rubbish in the correct bin. I made a poster about why you should put your rubbish in the correct bin. We had the option to make a poster on google drawing or on Canva.

We also learnt a bit about microplastics. We learnt that microplastics are tiny bits of plastic that can intoxicate the ocean. Microplastics can get into water ways such as seas,oceans,rivers and lakes. They can be turned into micro beads which can be found in things like face wash or toothpaste. Luckily micro beads are not added into these products in New Zealand. Micro plastic can also be found in fish (or other sea animals).

I enjoyed learning about all the things that plastic can do and how it can effect the earth. I wonder if there’s plastic in our bodies! Maybe it’s naturally in our bodies.

why you should put your rubbish in the correct bin by Karolina Tabuamovi

The queen

Bula Vinaka bloggers

Today I bring to you a post that is very sad…This post is about the queen and her passing. I have put together a google slide with information about the queen, the “London bridge” project, money and the new reigning monarch.

Compute it

Hello friends

Compute it. A coding game where you have to move to the correct spot. I finished compute it and was sad. To be brutally honest I thought I would at least get a “Good job you did it!” but hahaha no, I was wrong. I ended up with “the end” so I will make a proper ending for you! The game was incredible and very mind challenging! (so no hate to the creator/creators cause I really liked it) I will be making a certificate for you guys if you end up finishing compute it.

After a short while I have done it… I have completed the certificate that you can screenshot and probably print…

In the blank spot you are to write your name (if u some how print it) or mentally picture your name!

Well I hope you like it and i’m off now!Bye <3

Guess the setting!

Kia orana bloggers!


This week we were writing about settings. We were learning to use similes and metaphors in our writing.We had to describe our setting using similes and metaphors without saying the actual setting. We described all the things we saw in the photo.

It was challenging to not add the actual setting that I was writing about. My next steps would be to add more details about the setting. I enjoyed writing the similes and metaphors. 


Can you guess the setting that I’ve described? Leave me a comment below!

Banned emotions

Bula Vinaka bloggers


Yesterday we were trying not to use emotions in our writing. We got a selection of different emotions and we had to write a description based on the photo. There was a group of “top secret spies” reading out writing trying to guess our emotions.

My writing:

Jonnathan was getting in trouble a lot at school and when his parents wanted to talk to him about it at home. He got up, got his water bottle and stood there protesting against his parents. Jonnathon tightened his grip on the water bottle then started to reveal all his teeth. Jonnathan’s parents stared in disbelief. He furrowed his eyebrows and thought to himself “ why, why do I have to talk to my parents about this!?”…

I enjoyed making the story, I really enjoyed trying to make up a scene of drama for the story. 

I think the most challenging thing was trying not to add how the character was FEELING. The whole goal was to NOT add emotions and that was really hard for me

I just wonder if I could do a little bit more and add more detail…  Other than that I think I did pretty well!


Can you guess the emotion that I’ve described? Leave me a comment below!

Thrill seekers quest

Kamusta friends!

Tahuri Class went to the hall yesterday do something called thrill seekers! I was in a group called The GRRLS, in that i group were me, Salote, Nasteho and Joselin

It was a game and we had to defeat goblins and solve riddles! Me and my group were really struggling and we finished LAST. There was a good goblin who would offer you hints but with a consequence, he would take half of your money. If you asked for a hint he would lead to some crystals that were around the room and under each crystal there were clues. With my group he took 0 coins!


It was super fun and I would recommend doing something like that!



All About Me

Kamusta People!

This is our first day using this site, I’ve noticed this looks VERY different to blogger… But I’m willing to try out this new site though!

This was kind of the same to blogger, this was exciting to do!

Thanks and I hope you stay to see some more of my learning. Bye Bye!!!

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