Month: August 2022

Compute it

Hello friends

Compute it. A coding game where you have to move to the correct spot. I finished compute it and was sad. To be brutally honest I thought I would at least get a “Good job you did it!” but hahaha no, I was wrong. I ended up with “the end” so I will make a proper ending for you! The game was incredible and very mind challenging! (so no hate to the creator/creators cause I really liked it) I will be making a certificate for you guys if you end up finishing compute it.

After a short while I have done it… I have completed the certificate that you can screenshot and probably print…

In the blank spot you are to write your name (if u some how print it) or mentally picture your name!

Well I hope you like it and i’m off now!Bye <3

Guess the setting!

Kia orana bloggers!


This week we were writing about settings. We were learning to use similes and metaphors in our writing.We had to describe our setting using similes and metaphors without saying the actual setting. We described all the things we saw in the photo.

It was challenging to not add the actual setting that I was writing about. My next steps would be to add more details about the setting. I enjoyed writing the similes and metaphors. 


Can you guess the setting that I’ve described? Leave me a comment below!