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Hello friends

Compute it. A coding game where you have to move to the correct spot. I finished compute it and was sad. To be brutally honest I thought I would at least get a “Good job you did it!” but hahaha no, I was wrong. I ended up with “the end” so I will make a proper ending for you! The game was incredible and very mind challenging! (so no hate to the creator/creators cause I really liked it) I will be making a certificate for you guys if you end up finishing compute it.

After a short while I have done it… I have completed the certificate that you can screenshot and probably print…

In the blank spot you are to write your name (if u some how print it) or mentally picture your name!

Well I hope you like it and i’m off now!Bye <3

2 thoughts on “Compute it

  1. Ka pai Karolina. I love how you made your own certificate. What a creative idea. I remember finishing Compute It. I was so proud of myself that I don’t think I cared too much about not getting a ‘well done.’ Some of the later levels were really hard weren’t they? Any top coding tips to give your readers?

    1. Bula vinaka Phil!
      I felt the same when I finished compute it but I felt like doing something after. I emailed my teacher about it and she recommended for me to do this.I don’t really have any tips other then to just try hard.

      Bye see ya

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