Month: January 2023

Book Summary – GHOST

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Heyy, it’s been a while 🙂 I haven’t posted in in like 2 weeks- My post today is going to be a book summary. This post is kind of like my older posts that I used to do after school, if your a “fan” of more than 5 months you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyway, that’s enough of my blibber blabber let’s get to the summary.

Ghost is a comic book, I’m not sure who wrote it since I don’t have the book anymore. Its about a young girl. Her mother owned a big popular laundromat. After her Mother got with her Stepdad she stopped really taking care of the laundromat. Of course her mother was good to her, she was nice and took care of them. The girl (I’m so sorry I don’t remember her name😓) mother had later on passed due to hitting her head on a rock while swimming, they loved swimming. The girl soon took over the laundromat, her step father became gloomy and an alcoholic. Ghosts were becoming a big thing in her school since it was Halloween! She didn’t believe in ghosts. But soon… I can’t tell you! Read the story to know the rest!!! I got the book from a library, and you can to.

Degei the weather god (Fijian story)

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Today I made an animation for one Fijian story that I know of. It’s about a story of a weather god named Degei. Dengei is a god that used to walk around freely. He was the creator of the Fijian Islands. Degei made the first humans in Fiji. He raised them and even learnt from them. Those children grew up and had their own children and so fourth. After someone passed away they would have to go through two caves then Degei would judge if you can go to paradise or not. Degei later on brought rain and wind and all the seasons. When degei shook he would create floods or earthquakes, when he would get mad or upset he would bring rain and wind. Now Degei is one of the highest gods in Fiji.