Start of the school year re-cap

Bula Vinaka bloggers, at school we wrote about how our first week of the school year had been. This is my work, I hope you enjoy.



This week was the start of our school year! I’m a year six this year, it’s my last year, next year I’m going to be all alone. I was excited to see my friends, but I’ve also had to compromise because I haven’t been able to see my old year 6 friends (their year 7’s now) . I’ve been kind of lonely without my old friends but I do have other friends so it’s ok. 


Both of my favorite teachers left this year. There’s new teachers in all the senior classes. Room 6 became a year 4 only class. There’s two male teachers now. My school last year had only girl teachers. My class obviously has a new teacher. He’s ok I guess. I really miss my old teacher. I think I might get used to him around term 3 or mid term 2. One of the junior teachers has moved into room 9, she’s really nice. 


A lot of things have changed in this first week of the year. Our fitness has changed, we used to do a certain thing for the week but now, we do something different everyday! Maths feels the same though, I’m in the same class for math as before. It’s nice to be with all my friends, all we do is laugh. 


We’ve been playing lots of games! Today we’re going to play a game of jailbreak with room 9. I kinda wanna team up with my friends..hehe. We played windows, silent ball, bang and wiz! All these games are super fun. 


I’m so scared, it’s my last year of school and I’m trying to make the most memories with my friends. They’re all in a different class though. I just wanna hang out with my friends this year. Next year I’m going to have to make new friends, and get used to new things.


Anyways the rest of the week has been pretty normal I guess. I hope the rest of the school year will be good. I don’t even think we’re doing rippa anymore, we’re only doing soccer. My class is nice and I’m pretty settled in