Month: March 2023

my poem

Bula Vinaka people !

Today I will be sharing with you a poem that me and my friend Neha did. Nehas bits are a bit sad and dark but my bits are bright and fun, It’s about the differences in other people and their lives, we compare our lifestyle. Here is my poem,

Two people , different brains , different names

One happy one not so okay

One thriving one striving 

We all have our different personalities some excited and alive others tired and faulted

 One house one home both have families with different personalities.

In the future, i can see.. It’s sad though because it’s you without me. I laugh all day I slay..all day, you might get so annoyed that it’ll make you stray. 

As I speak I realise that day I won’t be here is getting closer , so let me tell you that every second , minute and hours that you hurt me makes even me more stronger,

  • K A R O L I N A – A N D – N E H A –



Bula Vinaka, just another summary.

Book title: Tashi and the big stinker

Author: Anna Feinberg, Barbara Fienberg

Illustrator: Kim Gamble


In this Tashi Book Tashi is having pleasant day. Tashi is like the village hero. He hears from someone that “only brother” is coming, Only brother is one of the giants in the big castle. He lives with his older brother and the older brothers wife. Tashi is sent to go to the castle and negotiate a plan with the wife and older brother  ( the giants are friends with Tashi ) on how to get only brother out. Only brother is so obese and such a picky eater, that is why he’s coming to their village, just so that he can eat everything up. But what will Tashi plan to do!?

Book title: Horrible Histories – Frightful first world war

Author: Terry Deary

Illustrator: Martin Brown


This book of horrible histories unravels the story and wierd funky facts of the first world war. Did you know that two days before war was announced peace makers clashed with londeners who wanted war?

Book Title: Tashi and the Haunted house

Author (s): Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg

Illustrator: Kim Gamble


Tashi is having a normal day when he sees a light inside the window of the haunted house. Tashi wants to go in.. but he is warned “Don’t go in Tashi no one knows what could be in there” Tashi is brave though, but does he have the strength and speed to beat two creepy strangers in a race around the whole village? Will he win??


This weeks summaries

Bula Vinaka !

Title: Tashi – Tashi and the Genie

Author: Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg

Illustrator: Kim Gamble


In this story Tashi has gotten himself into a little ruck with a wishing lamp. He had gotten the genie out. Tashi thought that genie would be great and magical, but he wasn’t. This genie was causing trouble for Tashi. Tashi would soon… GET INTO A CLIFFHANGER


Title: Tashi – Tashi and the Baba Yaga

Author: Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg

Illustrator: Kim Gamble


Tashi finds out about the story of the Baba Yaga. The Baba Yaga is a witch whose house stands on chicken legs and likes to eat children baked in pies.. Soon.. Tashi get’s into a bit of..of..of..of A CLIFFHANGER


Title: The Famous Five

Author: Guid Blyton

Illustrator: Jamie Littler


In this story of the Famous Five, the five are out at the beach. This day was supposed to be about fun and just having a beach day. When they get there they see this boy, he looks a bit younger than them. He’s guarded by two big bodyguards. They offered for him to come and have a swim with them, the boy didn’t know how to swim so they were going to teach him after their go. While they were swimming the boy started to get dragged away. Oh no.. what could be happening!?

This weeks summaries

Book title: SLIME 

Author: David Walliams

Illustrator: Tony Ross


This is the story of a young boy named Ned- he has to use a wheelchair and his sister bullies actually bullies him- she’ll play nasty pranks like pouring left over all over him and putting cockroaches in his food. They even live on an island with nasty people. Their school is nasty, their toy shop is nasty, their ICE CREAM TRUCK.. Yeah, that is also really nasty. Ned befriends a slime and they go on a big journey together.. Suddenly.. CLIFFHANGER


Book title: Tom gates – Ten tremendous tales 

Author & Illustrator: Liz Pichon


This book has ten stories all in one book, in one of the stories Tom and Delia ( Delia is his older sister ) get stuck in an elevator! Delia is terribly scared of heights. At first Tom thinks this is a great chance to scare Delia, but…but..but THERE WAS A CLIFFHANGER!


Book Title: Horrible sciences – Disgusting Digestion

Author: Nick Aronold

Illustrator: Tony De Saulles


In this book of horrible sciences it talks about digestion and the way food is. Food is pretty weird after you read this book. Obviously you wouldn’t know cause you probably haven’t even taken any time to read it. So yeah it even talks about your guts, it’s really gross but also coo

This week so far

Title: This week so far

Date: 10/03/23


This week I signed up for soccer! There’s a girl and a boys team. The girls team is training with Mr Davidson and the boys team is training with Mr Albert. I’m super happy that I’m training with Mr Davidson. Some other people went to cricket zones a week ago and we’re going to soccer zones in three weeks! That’s only three weeks that I can learn loads of stuff. I kind of just joined because I wanted to go to a zone for the first time. I actually prefer rugby but that’s all good.


This week we also had art with Ms Guthrie. We started last week and are going to be making a big art with flowers and all that throughout the term. We might turn it into stamps or something like that. On Tuesday we started drawing and painting our flowers. The flowers had to be big and bright. You could either use cold colors or warm colors, but not every single color.

Pedal power

Bula Vinaka people,

Did you know that this month is bike month!? It’s a month all about learning bike safety and how to ride a bike. I don’t really know if there’d ever be some big scenario in your life where the only option is for you to ride a bike, but if there ever is learning how to ride a bike would be a really important thing to learn. Like imagine, all your friends are going biking and you don’t know how to ride a bike? You wouldn’t be included in their little riding session, but you would be if you knew how to ride a bike.

These people came over to our school to teach us how to ride a bike, I think they’ll be coming every Tuesday and Friday. That means their coming today! It’s a Friday today so they’ll be here today. They came last year, last year I had forgotten how to ride a bike until they came. The whole project is called Pedal Power. Basically they come to different schools and teach kids how to ride bikes. I know how to ride a bike now 🙂

– 03/03/2023