Day: March 3, 2023

Pedal power

Bula Vinaka people,

Did you know that this month is bike month!? It’s a month all about learning bike safety and how to ride a bike. I don’t really know if there’d ever be some big scenario in your life where the only option is for you to ride a bike, but if there ever is learning how to ride a bike would be a really important thing to learn. Like imagine, all your friends are going biking and you don’t know how to ride a bike? You wouldn’t be included in their little riding session, but you would be if you knew how to ride a bike.

These people came over to our school to teach us how to ride a bike, I think they’ll be coming every Tuesday and Friday. That means their coming today! It’s a Friday today so they’ll be here today. They came last year, last year I had forgotten how to ride a bike until they came. The whole project is called Pedal Power. Basically they come to different schools and teach kids how to ride bikes. I know how to ride a bike now 🙂

– 03/03/2023