Day: March 10, 2023

This week so far

Title: This week so far

Date: 10/03/23


This week I signed up for soccer! There’s a girl and a boys team. The girls team is training with Mr Davidson and the boys team is training with Mr Albert. I’m super happy that I’m training with Mr Davidson. Some other people went to cricket zones a week ago and we’re going to soccer zones in three weeks! That’s only three weeks that I can learn loads of stuff. I kind of just joined because I wanted to go to a zone for the first time. I actually prefer rugby but that’s all good.


This week we also had art with Ms Guthrie. We started last week and are going to be making a big art with flowers and all that throughout the term. We might turn it into stamps or something like that. On Tuesday we started drawing and painting our flowers. The flowers had to be big and bright. You could either use cold colors or warm colors, but not every single color.