Day: March 24, 2023


Bula Vinaka, just another summary.

Book title: Tashi and the big stinker

Author: Anna Feinberg, Barbara Fienberg

Illustrator: Kim Gamble


In this Tashi Book Tashi is having pleasant day. Tashi is like the village hero. He hears from someone that “only brother” is coming, Only brother is one of the giants in the big castle. He lives with his older brother and the older brothers wife. Tashi is sent to go to the castle and negotiate a plan with the wife and older brother  ( the giants are friends with Tashi ) on how to get only brother out. Only brother is so obese and such a picky eater, that is why he’s coming to their village, just so that he can eat everything up. But what will Tashi plan to do!?

Book title: Horrible Histories – Frightful first world war

Author: Terry Deary

Illustrator: Martin Brown


This book of horrible histories unravels the story and wierd funky facts of the first world war. Did you know that two days before war was announced peace makers clashed with londeners who wanted war?

Book Title: Tashi and the Haunted house

Author (s): Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg

Illustrator: Kim Gamble


Tashi is having a normal day when he sees a light inside the window of the haunted house. Tashi wants to go in.. but he is warned “Don’t go in Tashi no one knows what could be in there” Tashi is brave though, but does he have the strength and speed to beat two creepy strangers in a race around the whole village? Will he win??