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Bula Vinaka people !

Today I will be sharing with you a poem that me and my friend Neha did. Nehas bits are a bit sad and dark but my bits are bright and fun, It’s about the differences in other people and their lives, we compare our lifestyle. Here is my poem,

Two people , different brains , different names

One happy one not so okay

One thriving one striving 

We all have our different personalities some excited and alive others tired and faulted

 One house one home both have families with different personalities.

In the future, i can see.. It’s sad though because it’s you without me. I laugh all day I slay..all day, you might get so annoyed that it’ll make you stray. 

As I speak I realise that day I won’t be here is getting closer , so let me tell you that every second , minute and hours that you hurt me makes even me more stronger,

  • K A R O L I N A – A N D – N E H A –


2 thoughts on “my poem

  1. Nice work Karolina. Good to see you have fun with this. Just do a little editing, no space needed for a comma after a word and ‘I’ on it’s own is a capital. Thanks for sharing in class.

  2. Ka pai Karolina and Neha. I really like the idea of sharing the fun and happy times but also the not so fun and happy times. I think at different stages in life we all go through periods of feeling like the two different personalities in your poem. I once heard someone describe themselves as ‘all striving, no arriving,’ which I think meant they are always trying to do something and achieve something rather than appreciating where they are at right now. Thanks for reminding me of these ideas!

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