Day: May 1, 2023

My Persuasive writing

Bula Vinaka People,

Recently we’ve made some persuasive writing to persuade our mum or dad to let us go somewhere, get something or do something. My writing that I did might be sharing so I’m just putting it on here for feedback. In my writing I am asking my mum to let us go to Fiji since I’m Fijian and all my family is there.

Here is my writing,


Dear Na (mum)


Today I will give you some good reasons why we should go to Fiji. Please think about answering yes. 

My first reason, na…don’t you think it will be good if I am surrounded by my family plus! Don’t you want to see your other family too? Please na I would really love to just go back home. 

My Second reason, we haven’t been to Fiji in soo long. It’s been forever since I saw my friends. If I go to Fiji I will be with all my friends and family. I will be able to stay at their house and you can do anything. 

Another reason is that I can only see our family on the phone. ..  I can’t anybody properly on the phone, you know… the network there is so terrible, it just always disconnects. If we will go to Fiji It will be easier to see them and I can give them a hug. Don’t you think it’s better to see them in person? 

Of course you will say yes. Because you must want the same thing too, right? I think it will be amazing so please say yes because it will make me very happy and we will be happy in Fiji


Please leave me so feedback if I need to change anything let me know.