Day: July 18, 2023

Cybersmart today

Today Miss Tania came to my school for cybersmart. My class, room 8 took our chromebooks and went over to room 9. When we went over there Miss Tania greeted us and we talked a little bit about what we did on the holidays.

First we went to go and comment on peoples blogs. We had to comment on peoples blogs that had the same first letter as the last letter of our names for example, my name is Karolina so I will take my last letter, A and look for someone with a name like Angel.

After we commented on someones blog we went back to our class to write our own graphic novel! We had a template and then added the characters. It even had some computers and other little things to add. Our task was all about making a fun comic about your smart footprint.

Me and Neha worked together and this was our finished result ( go to slide 2)