Month: September 2023

Te Mahi Kapa Haka

Kia Ora guys!!

Last week was Te Reo Maori Language week and it was also when we peformed our Kapa Haka ropu’s songs at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate. I took my phone and we took loads of photos, and had lots of fun. Everyone else went in this big bus but Me, Kayshjarn, Layla S and Neha went in Neha’s car.

We left school then had to come back at 4 to get ready, we got ready with our moko and everything, we took a couple of videos then left and went to Neha’s car while everyone went to the bus. When we arrived we all ran to our designated room at Blockhouse bay, room 8. We straightned up our Moko’s and lipstick.

We practiced a bit and had time to play around. My group, Hay Park, performed at 7:00pm. We performed and it was so frightning and I was excited and scared. Afterwards we performed the Ako Hiko songs and that was that and we all went home.

Quality email

Bula vinaka bloggers!

Today in cybersmart we were learning how to send proper emails to your teacher.. I know how to send proper emails to my teacher since i learnt when i was a year 4. I did this pretty well and quickly. It was easy for me… This is my post of what I have done…