Algorithm and a scratch game

Bula Vinaka bloggers!

Today we made games on scratch! Why? Because recently we’ve been learning about algorithms, an algorithm is like a part of the interent, everybody is effected by the algorithm, if you don’t think you are! An algorithm is when you look at the internet and it gives you all the recommendations, maybe, if someone looked up cute cats, then you’ll see all the most popular cute cats!


I made a maze game on scratch! It was our create topic for the week. I’m sorry if there are some problems with it, it’s the first game I’ve ever made. Press the blue square when your finished to see a mysterious message!

use the WASD keys and the left arrow and your space key.

One thought on “Algorithm and a scratch game

  1. Hi Karolina!
    Great job on your scratch blog post, A maze is a really cool idea! well done.
    I like how you explained algorithims really clearly so We could understand quickly.
    I’m looking forward to your next post!
    Your sincerley, Sammy