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Fijian language week 2023

Bula Vinaka!

This week is Fijian language week, the theme is Me vakabulabulataki, vakamareqeti, ka vakaqaqacotaki na Vosa Vakaviti. Translating to Nurture, preserve and sustain the Fijian Language.

It’s another year, do you know what that means!? Another Fijian language week! and as most of you know, I am Fijian, so every time that it’s Fijian language week I do something on my blog! This week I’ll be reading simple Fijian stories, you may not understand what they mean but try your hardest to listen and learn.. After I read it in Fijian I summarise it in English.

Today I read “Jone na dautataro” which means, John the boy that asks questions. It was written by Ratu Semi Seruvakula and was Illustrated by Anare Somumu. RFTA / IISF Fiji Limited published. This book is about a little boy named John who meets an older man and asks him some questions about his day.

Anyway! sit back, relax and enjoy my Fijian book reading!

Te Mahi Kapa Haka

Kia Ora guys!!

Last week was Te Reo Maori Language week and it was also when we peformed our Kapa Haka ropu’s songs at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate. I took my phone and we took loads of photos, and had lots of fun. Everyone else went in this big bus but Me, Kayshjarn, Layla S and Neha went in Neha’s car.

We left school then had to come back at 4 to get ready, we got ready with our moko and everything, we took a couple of videos then left and went to Neha’s car while everyone went to the bus. When we arrived we all ran to our designated room at Blockhouse bay, room 8. We straightned up our Moko’s and lipstick.

We practiced a bit and had time to play around. My group, Hay Park, performed at 7:00pm. We performed and it was so frightning and I was excited and scared. Afterwards we performed the Ako Hiko songs and that was that and we all went home.

Quality email

Bula vinaka bloggers!

Today in cybersmart we were learning how to send proper emails to your teacher.. I know how to send proper emails to my teacher since i learnt when i was a year 4. I did this pretty well and quickly. It was easy for me… This is my post of what I have done…



no time for chit chat

Title – Dawn raid

Author – Paline Vaeluaga Smith

Summary –

In nz, 50 or 60 years ago lets just say ages ago. Some palagis (white people) were coming after the islanders. They would come at early times in the morning or late as at night and invade their houses, pulling them out of bed and locking them up in jail. They would ask them to show the passport and papers to be in the country. They would beat people or lock them up for no reason. Luckily there was an activist group standing up for us islanders and would give us jutice. They were called the polynesian panthers and they changed the lives of all polynesian old and young. Them and all the other polynesians who had been attacked had put an end to the terrible acts. In the book it was a Samoan family that had gone to Auckland to visit their nana and papa who came to visit for christmas. Their holiday to Auckland had turned out terribly wrong when they woke up to the screams of their nana and papa being dragged out of bed…

Replying to comments

Bula Vinaka bloggers,

Today in cybersmart, we were replying to comments. We found 3 comments with a question in it and we replied to them on a slide after we had replied to the comments on the slide we were aloud to reply to them on our blog. I answered 2 questions and hadn’t finished but I hope you like my replies. One thing I found tricky was thinking of something to say. It was also kind of tricky to find comments.

Anyways bye

Pick a path

Bula Vinaka bloggers,

Yesterday with Whaea Tania we had cybersmart. Our task for cybersmart was to make a pick a path with a buddy, yesterday my buddy was Kayshjarn. We collaborated on this cool pick a path. We only have 3 questions but I hope you find it fun. Enjoy my pick a path!



Bula Vinaka

Hey guys today it’s just another book summary. Hope you enjoy and read some of these books

Title: The 39 story house

Author : Andy Griffiths

Illustrator: Terry Denton


Andy and terry are living in a crazy big 39 story house with everything you could imagine, An elephant that boxes and a super cool automatic book maker. Jump on the worlds highest trampoline toast marshmallows and loads more cool stuff… why are you still reading read that book instead!


Title: The bad guys (episode 1)

Author & Illustrator : Aaron Blabey


Theres 4 guys, Mr wolf, Mr Shark, Mr snake and Mr Piranha. Mr wolf brings up the idea to make them good guys instead of bad guys.. They all try so hard and their first mission of being a good guy was to save a tiny kitten from a high tree. Did they succeed? I don’t know.. or do I?? All I know is that this was the first step to being the greatest guys of all time.


Title: Georges Marvellous Medicine

Author: Roald Dahl

Illustrator: Quentin Blake


George a little boy, lives with his parents like any normal boy but his granny lives with them to. You’d think that living with your granny would be wonderful but no , Infront of Georges parents granny was all sweet and innocent but when they left, she was absolutely terrible. She wanted Georgy to stop growing, she was a very petite lady who loved to eat such disgusting meals such as leaf with a beatle mixed in with it,this was all so she could stop growing and she wanted George to follow in her footprints. George got so annoyed of her that when his parents left that day, instead of getting grannies medicine he made her medicine. What would happen to her when she drank it, I’ll never tell.

Cybersmart today

Today Miss Tania came to my school for cybersmart. My class, room 8 took our chromebooks and went over to room 9. When we went over there Miss Tania greeted us and we talked a little bit about what we did on the holidays.

First we went to go and comment on peoples blogs. We had to comment on peoples blogs that had the same first letter as the last letter of our names for example, my name is Karolina so I will take my last letter, A and look for someone with a name like Angel.

After we commented on someones blog we went back to our class to write our own graphic novel! We had a template and then added the characters. It even had some computers and other little things to add. Our task was all about making a fun comic about your smart footprint.

Me and Neha worked together and this was our finished result ( go to slide 2)


Bula Vinaka bloggers,

Today we were sharing our speeches that we have been working on for the past few weeks. I was the second to last person to share today. My teacher was rolling a dice to see who would go up, I have no idea if rolled it or not but he called out my name and OMG.. I was so terrified, I had just seen my report about me being a bit shy and that was all I was thinking about when I was going up to read.

Everyone was clapping and the loudest voice I could hear was one of my best friends (Neha) screaming ” YES GO KAROLINA ” and ” SLAYYY BESTIE “, I was so embarrassed at first but then I started to laugh. I quickly looked for my presentation then started reading, every time I looked up I could see my other best friend (Lusi ) smiling and Neha smiling at me. I felt more calm then, I was talking a little bit faster because I still wanted to go sit down. After I had finished my speech I went and sat down right away! After Neha had said her speech my teacher told us that we were sharing our speech infront of the whole school for the end of term learning assembly

Cybersmart today

Bula Vinaka people!

Today Miss Tania came to our class and gave us a new activity to do. Today we had a task to go on tick tack toe board and add in screenshot for each box for example we’d add in a screenshot for something embed into someones post.