Pedal power

Bula Vinaka people,

Did you know that this month is bike month!? It’s a month all about learning bike safety and how to ride a bike. I don’t really know if there’d ever be some big scenario in your life where the only option is for you to ride a bike, but if there ever is learning how to ride a bike would be a really important thing to learn. Like imagine, all your friends are going biking and you don’t know how to ride a bike? You wouldn’t be included in their little riding session, but you would be if you knew how to ride a bike.

These people came over to our school to teach us how to ride a bike, I think they’ll be coming every Tuesday and Friday. That means their coming today! It’s a Friday today so they’ll be here today. They came last year, last year I had forgotten how to ride a bike until they came. The whole project is called Pedal Power. Basically they come to different schools and teach kids how to ride bikes. I know how to ride a bike now 🙂

– 03/03/2023

Start of the school year re-cap

Bula Vinaka bloggers, at school we wrote about how our first week of the school year had been. This is my work, I hope you enjoy.



This week was the start of our school year! I’m a year six this year, it’s my last year, next year I’m going to be all alone. I was excited to see my friends, but I’ve also had to compromise because I haven’t been able to see my old year 6 friends (their year 7’s now) . I’ve been kind of lonely without my old friends but I do have other friends so it’s ok. 


Both of my favorite teachers left this year. There’s new teachers in all the senior classes. Room 6 became a year 4 only class. There’s two male teachers now. My school last year had only girl teachers. My class obviously has a new teacher. He’s ok I guess. I really miss my old teacher. I think I might get used to him around term 3 or mid term 2. One of the junior teachers has moved into room 9, she’s really nice. 


A lot of things have changed in this first week of the year. Our fitness has changed, we used to do a certain thing for the week but now, we do something different everyday! Maths feels the same though, I’m in the same class for math as before. It’s nice to be with all my friends, all we do is laugh. 


We’ve been playing lots of games! Today we’re going to play a game of jailbreak with room 9. I kinda wanna team up with my friends..hehe. We played windows, silent ball, bang and wiz! All these games are super fun. 


I’m so scared, it’s my last year of school and I’m trying to make the most memories with my friends. They’re all in a different class though. I just wanna hang out with my friends this year. Next year I’m going to have to make new friends, and get used to new things.


Anyways the rest of the week has been pretty normal I guess. I hope the rest of the school year will be good. I don’t even think we’re doing rippa anymore, we’re only doing soccer. My class is nice and I’m pretty settled in


Book Summary – GHOST

Bula Vinaka bloggers

Heyy, it’s been a while 🙂 I haven’t posted in in like 2 weeks- My post today is going to be a book summary. This post is kind of like my older posts that I used to do after school, if your a “fan” of more than 5 months you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyway, that’s enough of my blibber blabber let’s get to the summary.

Ghost is a comic book, I’m not sure who wrote it since I don’t have the book anymore. Its about a young girl. Her mother owned a big popular laundromat. After her Mother got with her Stepdad she stopped really taking care of the laundromat. Of course her mother was good to her, she was nice and took care of them. The girl (I’m so sorry I don’t remember her name😓) mother had later on passed due to hitting her head on a rock while swimming, they loved swimming. The girl soon took over the laundromat, her step father became gloomy and an alcoholic. Ghosts were becoming a big thing in her school since it was Halloween! She didn’t believe in ghosts. But soon… I can’t tell you! Read the story to know the rest!!! I got the book from a library, and you can to.

Degei the weather god (Fijian story)

Bula Vinaka bloggers!

Today I made an animation for one Fijian story that I know of. It’s about a story of a weather god named Degei. Dengei is a god that used to walk around freely. He was the creator of the Fijian Islands. Degei made the first humans in Fiji. He raised them and even learnt from them. Those children grew up and had their own children and so fourth. After someone passed away they would have to go through two caves then Degei would judge if you can go to paradise or not. Degei later on brought rain and wind and all the seasons. When degei shook he would create floods or earthquakes, when he would get mad or upset he would bring rain and wind. Now Degei is one of the highest gods in Fiji.

Fijian Language week

Bula Vinaka bloggers

This years theme for Fijian language week is “Vakabulabulataki, vakamareqeti, ka vakaqaqacotaki na vosa vakaviti” Which means, “Nurture,Preserve and sustain the Fijian language”.

Every year on Fijian Language week I post Fijian things for the whole week. So today I’ll be teaching numbers up to 10! There’s a voice recording and a list with the words so that you can read it, hear it and try to pronounce them.

One – Dua

Two – Rua

Three – Tolu

Four – Va

Five – Lima

Six – Ono

Seven – Vitu

Eight – Walu

Nine – Ciwa

Ten –  Jini


plastic disposle

Hi bloggers

Yesterday we made a poster about recycling your rubbish or why you should put your rubbish in the correct bin. I made a poster about why you should put your rubbish in the correct bin. We had the option to make a poster on google drawing or on Canva.

We also learnt a bit about microplastics. We learnt that microplastics are tiny bits of plastic that can intoxicate the ocean. Microplastics can get into water ways such as seas,oceans,rivers and lakes. They can be turned into micro beads which can be found in things like face wash or toothpaste. Luckily micro beads are not added into these products in New Zealand. Micro plastic can also be found in fish (or other sea animals).

I enjoyed learning about all the things that plastic can do and how it can effect the earth. I wonder if there’s plastic in our bodies! Maybe it’s naturally in our bodies.

why you should put your rubbish in the correct bin by Karolina Tabuamovi

The queen

Bula Vinaka bloggers

Today I bring to you a post that is very sad…This post is about the queen and her passing. I have put together a google slide with information about the queen, the “London bridge” project, money and the new reigning monarch.

Compute it

Hello friends

Compute it. A coding game where you have to move to the correct spot. I finished compute it and was sad. To be brutally honest I thought I would at least get a “Good job you did it!” but hahaha no, I was wrong. I ended up with “the end” so I will make a proper ending for you! The game was incredible and very mind challenging! (so no hate to the creator/creators cause I really liked it) I will be making a certificate for you guys if you end up finishing compute it.

After a short while I have done it… I have completed the certificate that you can screenshot and probably print…

In the blank spot you are to write your name (if u some how print it) or mentally picture your name!

Well I hope you like it and i’m off now!Bye <3

Guess the setting!

Kia orana bloggers!


This week we were writing about settings. We were learning to use similes and metaphors in our writing.We had to describe our setting using similes and metaphors without saying the actual setting. We described all the things we saw in the photo.

It was challenging to not add the actual setting that I was writing about. My next steps would be to add more details about the setting. I enjoyed writing the similes and metaphors. 


Can you guess the setting that I’ve described? Leave me a comment below!