Year: 2023

Craiyon art

Bula Vinaka bloggers!

Yesterday and today we’ve been working on our cybersmart. Yesterday me and Neha had to sit on a beach mat and pretend we were bored, we had to say “hmm I’m so bored” and then Whaea Tanya came in and said “omg! have you heard about the summer learning journey!?” “noooo” we said.. After that we went and sat back down. I was sort of embarrassed because we had to do it in front of most of the seniors..


After that, we all registered for the summer learning journey! (SLJ). When we registered there was a teaser activity and we all did it. We went on a AI site called “craiyon AI” and had to look up a super hero and find a nice image. After we had to make a whole backstory and all and give our character a name.


This is my character and  her name is Mia..


AI images to art!

Bula Vinaka, bloggers!

Yesterday and today, we’ve been working on AI. We went on this site called Imagine.AI. We all added words into the thing and it generated a photo from us, the photos obviously weren’t made by people but made by the AI. The reason why we were doing this is because some where in the world, there was an art competition. A man used AI to create his image and everyone was thinking that he was a cheater.


We had a big conversation about what is wrong with AI and how it is ruining the world. I said that AI is making people lazy because it is rotting our brains. It’s making people less creative and people don’t have to think about what they want to make. They just write in a couple words and the AI does all the work. The people can just sit back and watch as the AI works for them. One day, when the AI spreads across the world, it will take over our brains and make us lazy. No body will know even how to draw or paint because the AI will make it for us. That’s why AI will make us lazy.What’s your opinion on AI?


Anyway! We put in some AI photos and then re-created them into paintings! We looked back at our AI generated photo and painted it by hand, copying what the AI had shown us.  On Imagine.AI, I typed in, “happy day” and for the art style, Picasso. It gave me a bright and joyful image that was made out of a lot of shapes and colours. I enjoyed painting and it was really fun.


When we were doing art, on the  first day I was whining because everybody on my table was mixing the colours and making it a mess and the colours weren’t perfect anymore. When our art teacher, Miss Guthrie, came and saw me, she noticed that I was very annoyed. She mentioned something called OCD but I don’t really know what that is. On the last day she gave me my own colour pallet to put my own colours in! I was very very happy. Thank you Miss Guthrie 🙂

This is my finished art…I hope you like it. Do you guys like art?


Diwali, Rangoli patterns

Namaste Bloggers!


This week is Diwali so we’ve been creating Diwali rangoli patterns! At least that’s what I’ve been doing. We read through a whole slide of facts and stories of Diwali.


Ram and Sita is basically the reason for diwali, they were banished for 14 years and when they came back everyone rejoiced and celebrated. They held Diya’s and all, it was a big celebration. In this time period the people celebrate Diwali and celebrate the return of Ram and Sita.

One of the activities that we could do was to draw some rangoli patterns, I tried my hardest to create my rangoli patterns and I coloured it in with bright colours and some highlighters to enhance the colour. I hope you like my work!

Smart searching

Bula Vinaka bloggers,


We’ve moved on from media and n0w we’re doing safe searching, it’s related to our main topic for this term, AI.. Today was also cybersmart so we started with our research project! We sat on the mat and watched a video from google about how they give us the results when we look things up.


After a while we got onto a google slide and our first activity was to look certain things up. For example, blue sky and sky blue. They both gave us totally different results, Blue sky, showed us a blue sky. Sky blue showed us the colour, sky blue. From that I learn that the order of words really matters. Punctuation and capital letters doesn’t really matter as much.

I enjoyed working with my friends and the Sky blue task that we did..It was probably the easiest thing so I enjoyed it. Something that I found challenging was probably fitting all my information into the slide.

After we had finished that task we moved onto checking out if writing full sentences changed anything. I’m not really sure what it would show if you put the full sentence because we only put the keywords. Have you done any research this year? If you had please let me know what worked and what didn’t!

Anyway, if you didn’t understand any of that, check out my work!

Algorithm and a scratch game

Bula Vinaka bloggers!

Today we made games on scratch! Why? Because recently we’ve been learning about algorithms, an algorithm is like a part of the interent, everybody is effected by the algorithm, if you don’t think you are! An algorithm is when you look at the internet and it gives you all the recommendations, maybe, if someone looked up cute cats, then you’ll see all the most popular cute cats!


I made a maze game on scratch! It was our create topic for the week. I’m sorry if there are some problems with it, it’s the first game I’ve ever made. Press the blue square when your finished to see a mysterious message!

use the WASD keys and the left arrow and your space key.

Cybersmart flower Mosaic

Bula Vinaka bloggers!

Two days ago Whaea Tania came into our class and did cybersmart with us in the afternoon! We had to watch tutorial videos and follow the instructions.

At first I saw a couple of people make their own tutorial video and I thought I could make my own on how to make a digital card, but I was quickly told other wise and followed the instructions to one of the videos. At the start I was confused but I slowly started to understand, I chose to watch a video on how to make a mosaic on google drawings, it was really easy and I followed the steps..

After creating my Mosaic for a day, I had finally created it. I chose to do a Mosaic of a flower, you could do a mosaic of anything but I chose a flower. I really like the flower that I chose, can you tell what type of flower it is?



Old Fijian language week books

Bula Vinaka!


It’s been a week or two since Fijian language week but I still have some books that I hadn’t read to you guys. I have on book that is similar to the alphabet, named Matua Vosa. and another book called O Mosese kei Villiame. I hope you enjoy my reading!

(By the way, don’t mind my messy background 😭) video) O Mosese kei Villiame, Vola o, Sainimere Rauqeuqe (written by), Droinitaka o Anare Somumu (illustrated by)


2nd Video) Matua Vosa!

Scratch work

Bula Vinaka!

This week I made a scratch project for my media task. My scratch project is about a girl who is playing basketball, there’s a billboard advertising her basketball game and there are cameras recording it for the people. I added some audio of the cameras shooting photos. I hope you like my scratch project!

If you liked it please leave a comment or if you have any feedback please be sure to tell me!

*Tip: Use two fingers and scroll up and down to move the basketball*

HPS Film festival

Bula Vinaka bloggers

Today I’m going to do a recap on movie making.

My movie was called the unlucky girl, my roll was Erin and The Fijian Mum. The movie had a couple problems but we’ve changed it now. There were some issues with our main character coming to school we changed the gave the role to someone else but that person ended up not coming but we sort of worked around it. All of us had a role and if you watch our movie you might see us playing different characters.

We did really good planning out the movie, our group was made out of two years 6’s (me (Karolina) and Neha) and 3 year 4’s (Kalisi, Dizaiha and Nation). Me and Neha did most of the planning, Neha made the storyline and we worked on the script. Our year 4’s did some of the storyboarding and Neha put them all together

My group has achieved, going to the movies to watch our movies! My group  and I did very well and we are going this Wednesday afternoon. We got our tickets and we are very grateful to being attending the Movies at St Lukes! This is a reminder to hand in your notices for St Lukes cinemass! We are going on the 19th of October!

Enjoy the movie

Fijian Language week 2023

Bula Vinaka!

This is the second book that I am reading for FIjian language week. This book is about a little girl named Marica (or Martha) was having her birthday party! All of her friends family filled the house and the party started. The balloons were flying around and she was having a great time.

Remember, all of the books I am going to read are from the Auckland Library so you should go check them out! They have a tiny section where you can find books in different languages. Vinaka, Auckland Library for the books. If you want to try and learn how to read Fijian, you should try and read the easy books (like the ones I’m reading) and have a go! Have you done anything for Fijian language week?

Anyway! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!