Day: July 28, 2022

Banned emotions

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Yesterday we were trying not to use emotions in our writing. We got a selection of different emotions and we had to write a description based on the photo. There was a group of “top secret spies” reading out writing trying to guess our emotions.

My writing:

Jonnathan was getting in trouble a lot at school and when his parents wanted to talk to him about it at home. He got up, got his water bottle and stood there protesting against his parents. Jonnathon tightened his grip on the water bottle then started to reveal all his teeth. Jonnathan’s parents stared in disbelief. He furrowed his eyebrows and thought to himself “ why, why do I have to talk to my parents about this!?”…

I enjoyed making the story, I really enjoyed trying to make up a scene of drama for the story. 

I think the most challenging thing was trying not to add how the character was FEELING. The whole goal was to NOT add emotions and that was really hard for me

I just wonder if I could do a little bit more and add more detail…  Other than that I think I did pretty well!


Can you guess the emotion that I’ve described? Leave me a comment below!