Month: August 2023



no time for chit chat

Title – Dawn raid

Author – Paline Vaeluaga Smith

Summary –

In nz, 50 or 60 years ago lets just say ages ago. Some palagis (white people) were coming after the islanders. They would come at early times in the morning or late as at night and invade their houses, pulling them out of bed and locking them up in jail. They would ask them to show the passport and papers to be in the country. They would beat people or lock them up for no reason. Luckily there was an activist group standing up for us islanders and would give us jutice. They were called the polynesian panthers and they changed the lives of all polynesian old and young. Them and all the other polynesians who had been attacked had put an end to the terrible acts. In the book it was a Samoan family that had gone to Auckland to visit their nana and papa who came to visit for christmas. Their holiday to Auckland had turned out terribly wrong when they woke up to the screams of their nana and papa being dragged out of bed…

Replying to comments

Bula Vinaka bloggers,

Today in cybersmart, we were replying to comments. We found 3 comments with a question in it and we replied to them on a slide after we had replied to the comments on the slide we were aloud to reply to them on our blog. I answered 2 questions and hadn’t finished but I hope you like my replies. One thing I found tricky was thinking of something to say. It was also kind of tricky to find comments.

Anyways bye

Pick a path

Bula Vinaka bloggers,

Yesterday with Whaea Tania we had cybersmart. Our task for cybersmart was to make a pick a path with a buddy, yesterday my buddy was Kayshjarn. We collaborated on this cool pick a path. We only have 3 questions but I hope you find it fun. Enjoy my pick a path!