Bula Vinaka bloggers,

Today we were sharing our speeches that we have been working on for the past few weeks. I was the second to last person to share today. My teacher was rolling a dice to see who would go up, I have no idea if rolled it or not but he called out my name and OMG.. I was so terrified, I had just seen my report about me being a bit shy and that was all I was thinking about when I was going up to read.

Everyone was clapping and the loudest voice I could hear was one of my best friends (Neha) screaming ” YES GO KAROLINA ” and ” SLAYYY BESTIE “, I was so embarrassed at first but then I started to laugh. I quickly looked for my presentation then started reading, every time I looked up I could see my other best friend (Lusi ) smiling and Neha smiling at me. I felt more calm then, I was talking a little bit faster because I still wanted to go sit down. After I had finished my speech I went and sat down right away! After Neha had said her speech my teacher told us that we were sharing our speech infront of the whole school for the end of term learning assembly

One thought on “PROTECT FIJI!!

  1. Kia ora Karolina,
    Amazing blog post! I know somwtimes we can be a bit shy so I can totally relate (not really im not that shy) but I used to be so dont worry. Once you get used to talking to alot of people you will kinda like vanish your fears of talking to alot of people like me. But anyways you blog post is beautiful, Maybe you can practice talking infront of your family.
    Ka Kite comment ya later!

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